May 4 to 7, 2023

We hope you can join us in 2023!

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Summer Lifestyle Takeover

Summer Lifestyle Takeover (SLT) started in 2015 when Whistler Lifestyle Takeover attendees asked us to plan another Takeover so that they don’t have to wait a whole year for one.

Similar to WLT, SLT is designed as a fun, sensual and unique weekend getaway for the open-minded and adventurous. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds, singles, couples and more. Our attendees are a diverse group, between mid-20s and mid-60s, mostly in the 30s to 50s. We had people who were just starting in the lifestyle to people who have been in the lifestyle for decades.

The weekend allows people to participate as little or as much as they wish, it is entirely up to you. There is no pressure or mandatory participation, just lots of options and activities to choose from if you wish! We require all attendees to understand & practice enthusiastic verbal consent. We have a lot of returning attendees, who have now made it an annual trip for them.

During the weekend, we have daytime events such as specific Meet + Greets, excursions, seminars, workshops, discussions, demonstrations and more! Plus we have a general Meet + Greet on the first night, two Pool Parties in the 2nd & 3rd day and an all-night, clothing-optional, party floor with theme rooms, playrooms and sponsors rooms. The hotel has a hot tub and pool that is clothing-optional & open late, and we have a 24-hr Hospitality Suite (or two!) for you to hang out and socialize.

Starting in 2019, we are excited to collaborate with Tom’s Trips to send one lucky lady to Hedonism II to compete in the famous Ms. No Swimsuit Contest! We will host the preliminary contest at our annual Summer Lifestyle Takeover and the winner will join the other preliminary winners from around North America to compete in March the following year.

This is a BYOB event so please bring a pool-safe container – no glass!

We will have a limited number of reusable plastic tumblers available for sale if you like to purchase one to use for the weekend. You can order in advance or buy in person for $5.00.




Upcoming Dates:

2023: May 4 to 7
2024: May 9 to 12 (TBC)
2025: May 8 to 11 (TBC)
2026: May 7 to 10 (TBC)
2027: May 13 to 16 (TBC)




House Rules:

  • SLT event safe word is: MEATLOAF
  • Don’t assume anything & always ask for permission
  • No means NO and only YES means YES
  • Ensure you always have verbal consent that is:

* Enthusiastic * Continuous * Unambiguous

  • Be respectful
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Photos can be taken only with prior explicit permission from the hosts and participants
  • Keycards & wristbands are required for entry to the host hotel
  • You must be dressed when going through the lobby or any public & common areas
  • Clothing-optional allowed only on the Party Floors and the Pool Deck
  • NO glassware or glass bottles at the Pool Deck!
  • Please bring a reusable plastic cup
  • When using an Open Play Room, please leave the door open
  • When using a Private Play Room, you can close the door but please leave the door ajar when you are done
    • Please respect the 1-hr time limit for the Private Play Rooms
    • SLT staff will knock on all closed Private Play Rooms every hour to make sure the rooms are available
  • Please change the sheets & towels in the Play Rooms when you are done
  • Please clean up after yourself
  • Please dispose of any garbage


The following are not permitted:

  • Smoking/Vaping indoors (Please go outside the hotel)
  • Excessive drinking
  • Illegal substances
  • Fighting or quarrels
  • Prostitution or solicitation
  • Fraternizing with staff


  • Please report any issues, concerns or problems to the SLT staff
  • SLT hosts have final say
  • SLT hosts reserve the right to ask any attendees who do not comply with these rules to leave the premise


Check out the reviews for the Summer Lifestyle Takeover!

Whistler 2019

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Here are what some past attendees said about Summer Lifestyle Takeover

Whistler 2019

You should definitely attend. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. It’s an awesome opportunity to meet some new lifestyle friendly people, some of which you will continue to meet and hang out with away from this event. We have made great friends that we now travel with and can speak openly with at any time. And it’s not only about the playtime together.

R & B 2019

It is a great way to meet people and really connect on any level that you feel comfortable. We love the weekend takeovers and will attend whenever we can.

J & L 2019

Try it. It’s always fun and people are friendly and there is never any pressure to do anything you do or don’t want to do. You make WLT what you want it to be. That’s what I usually tell people

R & A 2019

You should attend, so much nude pool party fun and like-minded accepting new friends.

S & G 2019

Check out this classy, sexy, fun-filled, one of a kind event.

K 2019

Great weekend, great people in a great venue

C & J 2019

Bring a smile and an open mind let your fantasies come true.

K & L 2019

Don’t miss out by waiting too long to book.

T & S 2019

Book now.

J & C 2019

Do it!

T 2019

Most fun you can have with your clothes off!

M & J 2019

You will meet some great new friends. (Softer than other takeovers we have attended)

B & B 2019

You must check it out at least once

B & J 2019

Come out, get naked in the pool and have a great experience

R 2019

Whistler 2018

We have attended many of Ying Ying’s events. Ask them to contact us and we will personally explain why they should not miss out on the next WLT event, and why we feel it is such good value.

T & S 2018

Come have a great weekend among like-minded people, PLUS Ying Ying rocks

R & T 2018

It’s a fun and well thought out event, great for the new and well seasoned swinging couple. I loved the foam party!!

D & T 2018

Fantastic party! Perfect mix of excitement and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

L 2018

Classy, well run, sexy fun, and as a single woman, a very safe lifestyle getaway….4 for 4 & keep coming back!

K 2018

Each year we keep coming back because the events keep getting better and better. We also look forward to meeting up with old and new friends

D & J 2018

That although most everyone attending have some experience in the lifestyle. They should not be afraid if they are new to the lifestyle. As long as you are open-minded and friendly. You will meet some wonderful and awesome people. And that no one will pressure you in any way or make you feel uncomfortable. We have met and made some great new friends that we have and will keep in touch with and see again in the future whenever possible.

R & B 2018

Pace yourself, don’t stress out. I always worry about dressing properly but everyone is laid back and inclusive!

K & S 2018

Ying Ying is an amazing party planner. I was very impressed

D & S 2018

Highly recommend this event

N & J 2018

It is a wonderful experience with many memories to be made.

J & C 2018

A fun, laid-back experience and a good way to meet new friends.

S & M 2018

The refund/credit policy makes it very easy to book and not worry if later commitments might mean you can’t make it. Really good crowd and well run.

B & S 2018

Great venue, well organized

J & C 2018

Come with us

K & D 2018

Just do it!

A & R 2018

Come! Or should that be cum?

J & J 2018

Fun, fun, fun.

V & A 2018

Book early.

S & S 2018

Victoria 2017

It’s a must do Event even if you only attend once, that will leave you thinking when you get home that it was a sexy dream but it was real!

K 2017

Lots of sexy couples attend. These are fun, well run events, and the word is getting out. Register early!

T & S 2017

GO! It’s great, casual, relaxing, super cute non-stressful low pressure event.

C & T 2017

It is an awesome event. Lots of fun and lots of sexy people

C & L 2017

Come early! Check everything out. Be social.

F 2017

Whistler 2016

I have attended the WLT twice as a single female and have had an incredible time there. A definite must do once in your lifetime. Whether you choose to play or not, you will be in Whistler and have plenty to see and do and will meet some awesome people in the Lifestyle.

K 2016

The WLT events are the best Lifestyle events we’ve ever attended, and the summer edition is a little more intimate, with the added bonus of hot sunny weather, skiing, and sexy pool parties in the sunshine!

T & S 2016

Whistler is a beautiful place to be in the summer. Clothing optional hot tub in the summer – Yes please! Beautiful people, gorgeous hotel and great service. We need more people to make it out next year to make this the event of the year!

C & J 2016

This is great for people that are wanting to connect with other open minded people, make new friends, and other swinging couples. I think its a great idea for individuals who are really trying to find themselves and feel more comfortable with who they are, as well as their sexuality. I would also tell them that going to Lifestyle was one of the best things i could have possibly done and will never look back now!

M 2016

Great time and place to meet new people. Everyone is friendly and easy to along with. Atmosphere changes from event to event so you have to try more than one

R 2016

Everyone is so open, friendly and enthusiastic. It’s not as crazy as the November WLT but it’s a great way to get to know some amazing people.

L 2016

You have to go to know what it’s all about, I can’t even tell you how much fun it was! It’s a lot of fun!

F 2016

Life changing! Say goodbye to your vanilla world!

W & T 2016

As Nike says “Just Do It” or I think they say that anyways 🙂

A & K 2016

Great times, great people

A & J 2016

Do it!

A & R 2016

Osoyoos 2015

The event was lots of fun and you get to meet so many new people. Everyone is so friendly and approachable. The wine tour was fantastic. We would recommend taking the shuttle as it gives you a head start meeting people and time to relax. We didn’t find the big negative of people being cliquey at all. Everyone was so friendly.

V & A 2015

Go for it! If you don’t go, you won’t know! Even if you don’t play you will meet some very nice people from all walks of life and be in a beautiful place for a holiday!

K 2015

It is a great time, a fun and safe environment to be yourself (or not), diverse and non-judgmental crowd.

R & V 2015

We always end up knowing so many people and meet lots of new people – it is totally worth attending. It is nice to have a few days with like minded people.

S & T 2015

These events are the perfect way to meet people without pressure. And, if you’re interested, a great way to have marathon sex. LOL

S & K 2015

So much fun, even for newbies. Definitely recommend it

R & B 2015

Great way to meet other lifestyle people in your area.

K & S 2015

We are big promoters of your lifestyle takeover events. Ying Ying, you rock!

T & S 2015

Come let loose and have some great adult fun!!

J & G 2015

If you attended the Summer Lifestyle Takeover and would like to leave your comments, please send them to Ying Ying

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