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WLT (I miss U already!)


Here are what some past attendees said about Winter Lifestyle Takeover

This is a well-organized takeover in a beautiful location with a warm and welcoming group of people.

H & C 2019

It’s a relaxed way to connect with others and to reconnect with people already friends.

G & S 2019

Relax and go with it. There are no expectations and you can choose your own adventure.

R & N 2019

You’re in for a sexy experience of a lifetime whether you choose to play or not. It’s an event you will remember for ever!

K 2019

This is a great opportunity to check it out and have a vacation in whistler and the worst case is that you have a good weekend with fun people without pressure.

J 2019

Everyone is there to have fun, dont be shy to just say hello!

A & Z 2019

Staying at the host hotel is by far the best option. Book early and opt for the parking and early bird options. You will not be disappointed

T & S 2019

Just book it already! Whistler is a great town and if you need a break from the event there is lots to do. It’s the perfect sexy getaway.

S & L 2019

You have to go, it’s so worth it

N 2019

Do it once and you will be back….promise.

P & M 2019

Super fun event, great people, well organized

M & B 2019

It is such a fun experience!

R & R 2019

Lots of fun, good people and a gorgeous setting!

E & L 2019

You’re going to love it

K & L 2019

Do it. It’s a super fun time to make connections with new sexy friends

S 2019

Lol, ask the 10 couples we have recruited already

L & P 2019

Good value and good friends

B & N 2019

Try to get involved in the themes, but don’t stress over them

K & S 2019

This is a great intro event if you’ve never been to a Lifestyle type event. It’s small enough to not be overwhelming, but big enough that you meet new, fun people.

D & J 2018

Book early! We had a great time and will be back. We loved the experience and everything that was offered. Having some structure to the weekend helps with meeting people who have similar interests and provides interactions that spur conversations and connections.

R & D 2018

You need to book soon!

S & G 2018

Do it! You will love it! Very upscale and well run!

G & D 2018

Go for it it’s a great time with good people!

M & S 2018

Cum explore!

R & P 2018

The most fun you can have with your clothes off!

M & J 2018

We are big, big, fans of YY and…her signature Whistler Lifestyle Takeover event (WLT).
The enthusiasm she brings and her attention to detail set her apart from other event organizers we have met. She manages to create a welcoming, friendly, yet energetic atmosphere and still provide a sense of personal attention to all 200+ attendees. WLT is our favorite event of the year. We look forward to attending every November and throughout the year we tell all new lifestyle friends we meet about WLT and encourage them to sign up before it sells out. She has a following of a very sexy group of people and it is so much fun to be part of it.

T & S 2017

Should definitely attend, great event and fun people to meet. Beautiful location! YY and her staff did an excellent job!!!

G & E 2017

Lots of stuff but really you put on a very top notch involved weekend with lots of options during the day and night. We like the location, timing and fact we can meet lots of like-minded new people

T & D 2017

Book early. However, we have decided not to tell our local friends. We love that we can run away for the weekend and meet new friends, and/or see friends that we only see at the Takeovers. This is so popular, I don’t want to risk not getting a spot!

K & S 2017

Book early and get in the Summit Lodge and not to be nervous because everyone makes you feel welcomed. It is not a clicky group and YY really makes you feel comfortable with the pre-meet and greets. I’m so happy that my friends have introduced me to this group and am looking forward to many more WLT.

B & S 2017

It’s a must do Event as people travel from all over B.C., Ontario, WA, OR, ID, CA, for this well organized awesome hot fantasy weekend.

K 2017

An exciting party and a great place to meet wonderful people and have a little fun. Very sex positive and open to many walks of life. The take over is in a beautiful hotel in gorgeous Whistler, BC. What an amazing vacation!

C & J 2017

Do it!! So much fun! I enjoyed this even more than some of the big Vegas takeovers other groups put on.

G 2017

Great environment, great location, great people, and suitable for all levels of experience.

R & T 2017

It’s like Disneyland for open-minded adults!

S & G 2017

You have to try it, you’ll be back!

T & R 2017

Come! You won’t regret it

J & G 2017

Great crowd, great venue to meet and talk, no pressure.

S & B 2017

Come it’s great fun. Great people.

V & F 2017

What is there to possibly debate? Sexiest weekend ever!!

S & T 2017

This is a must go to event.

B & N 2017

What are you waiting for? Book now before it’s too late.

S & M 2017

Great social event with like minded people. Comfortable and relaxing, non-judgemental.

M & V 2017

This was a well organized and complete convention in a beautiful location. YY is a pleasure to know and very helpful, the attendees are friendly Canadians and Americans who make you feel welcome. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will return. Most of all we had a lot of fun!

P & P 2016

YY and her team put so much juicy and thoughtful energy into creating an event where anyone in the lifestyle can feel comfortable, included, curious, playful, and inspired to get down. There are many opportunities to learn from others and share your own experience and tips. The hotel has so many different spaces for people to get to know each other, relax, and get pampered that everyone can find what they are looking for. The play spaces are varied, sensual, beautiful and fun. They are some of the best I’ve seen in the ten years I have been attending events all over North America. I would definitely recommend WLT!

I & S 2016

You do such a great job, YY. We always feel welcomed, cared for, safe, and always have such a great time!!! Honestly, our best experiences in the lifestyle.

T & J 2016

Just book it already! This is a really fun and well-organized event. Coming from the U.S., this event gives us the opportunity to meet lots of sexy Canadians that we might not meet otherwise.

S & L 2016

Best event of the year. If you only do one event per year, then this is the one to attend. The WLT event is not to be missed.
Well organized, well attended, great venue, and a ton of fun!

T & S 2016

If you’re thinking of attending, do it! It’s so much fun, and a great experience. We are really looking forward to the Summer Takeover here in Victoria!

M & S 2016

I think that someone who is on the fence should come. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and it’s a lot of fun. Plus I learned a lot and enjoyed the connection I felt with other people and with my partner.

J & D 2016

This is the “HAVE TO” attend event of the year! A million thanks for the best event so far. We’re looking forward to future events!

Kelli & Stu 2016

This was possibly the best organized moderate sized hotel takeover event we have ever attended. Come next year, because you’ll have a blast.

S & I 2016

Smaller intimate party with amazing people. Everyone we met was friendly, courteous, professional… and just a ton of fun! Leadership was accommodating and made the event really enjoyable at all levels.

D & J 2016

Great event, very educational seminars, very friendly people. I try to get in some wine/food tasting at Cornucopia too. Recommend that people come down a day earlier to unwind from work, explore Whistler and stay an extra day to recover from all the late night events/parties.

Mike & Sandra 2016

Don’t miss the party of the year

E & P 2016

Try it, you’ll like it, no you won’t, you’ll love it……Friendly, sexy, open minded people from all over Canada & the U.S. from young to mature. It doesn’t matter!

Kerry 2016

Great vibe with a mix of approachable and open minded people of all kinds. I highly recommend it!

L 2016


There is a reason people fly and drive cross country. There is a reason why people try to sneak, bribe and buy their way in. There is a reason why it sells out months in advance. Other events can blow hyperbole up your butt. The facts are the facts.

Brad & Tammy 2015

The same thing we have been preaching to others for the past 4 years… “book early because it will sell out, and you do not want to be disappointed and miss the best event of the year”

T & S 2015

We look forward to this event every year. The atmosphere is fun and sexy without being intimidating. The location in Whistler allows for easy access to shops and restaurants if you want a break from the event. We’ve recommended this party to all of our lifestyle friends!

L & S 2015

For someone new to the lifestyle, or for seasoned veterans, this is an event that will make you feel welcome and relaxed. You don’t HAVE to play. You may just end up socializing and dancing and laughing with new found friends. If you do play, it is epic. This event is not to be missed!

K & J 2015

In our experience with travelling around the World to lifestyle clubs and resorts, WLT is first rate. We highly recommend it. You will have an awesome time and it’s not to be missed.

S & M 2015

Give it a try. There is no pressure to do anything more than you are comfortable with. It is a great mix of people from all over the PNW, and a good mix of ages.

C & B 2015

Is an amazing event like no other. Very well planned and with 3 full nights of kinky fun. You get to meet great people , make long lasting friendships and lots of kinky fun memories.

G & A 2015

It is simply a fun no stress weekend hanging out with like minded adults. Go at your own pace and have a good time.

Wyley & Tara 2015

Leave your inhibitions at home….enjoy the lifestyle.

A & J 2015

It’s the lifestyle party of the year!!! Awesome hosts, awesome people, awesome music, awesome venue

Elizabeth & Paul 2015

Great event….none stop action….great people to be with and talk to…Cornucopia was great too

Roy 2015

If you love the lifestyle and you’re looking for somewhere to go be a voyeur or exhibitionist – this is the place to go.
3 days was just enough time to get to know some people – but it’s best if you go with some people you already know.
It was a fun atmosphere with great people and fun events. Sexy people were everywhere.
I felt welcomed and respected throughout the event.
I’ll be going back next year in hopes of meeting more people and making more connections.

C 2015

Book yesterday and stay onsite – this is a must!

James & Cindy 2015

Go for it! Book early to get into the Summit.

D & E 2015

They should definitely try it at least once

Tony & Fiona 2015

It’s fun

L & E 2015

Book early!

D & L 2015

Do it!

B & B 2015


J 2015

We will be talking some friends into joining us next year

K & H 2015

Register early as it sells out

J & L 2015

It was fun and there were lots of people there who were cool and friendly

J 2015


A great vacation, escape from reality into sensuality. A well organized event that catered to many tastes. As a single lady, I felt safe, and appreciated by many lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen. Thank you, Ying Ying for all your hard work. See you next year

M.L. 2014

You will not be disappointed! Come if it’s simply just to enjoy the sexy atmosphere! We met some beautiful people… Inside and out!! Many of which we hope to stay connected with. So grateful for all the work and time that went into this FIRST CLASS EVENT. Thank you so much.

Amy & Steve 2014

This is the best lifestyle takeover event that is close and reasonably priced. it’s well organized and done professionally with class. The people that attend are friendly and sexy!! The party is epic!! Truly the best weekend of our year and we wouldn’t miss it for anything!! We have already started planning for next year!!!

Elizabeth & Paul 2014

It is a great way to meet like minded people. Much easier and efficient versus websites where so many flakes are. This event was top notch in its organization and most importantly fun. Lots of great people! Will attend next year for sure.

Tony & Dawn 2014

It’s an excellent way for either beginners or experienced to meet, play, experiment, learn. A warm, welcoming, super sexy crowd of diverse people. All ages, types, orientations and desires. Everyone is welcome, and this is apparent throughout the weekend. The only reason we would not attend again is if we are out of town! Otherwise, we’d love to be there again and do a few more workshops.

Mark 2014

This is the event in this lifestyle that you can not miss out on. The atmosphere and people are amazing. Everyone makes you feel welcome and that you belong there.

S & L 2014

Best Lifestyle travel event in the Pacific Northwest!

Kim & Dave 2014

If you want to attend the most fun weekend you’ll have all year, in a beautiful town, filled with beautiful people, then this is the event for you! Fantasies become reality, friendships are made and lifelong memories are created. Can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed this event.

W & T 2014

We have had a fantastic time both years we’ve attended. The event is well organized, the hotel staff is wonderful, and the people are fun and welcoming. One of the best events we attend.

Ramon & Tiela 2014

Wow!!! So much fun! Another very fun weekend with great opportunities to meet new and old friends! We would not miss attending Whistler!

Sarah & Martin 2014

Prepare to have a fun time and come with an open mind! The weekend was very well organized and has lots to offer any couple in the lifestyle!

L & R 2014

There is something for everyone up here. New friends, knowledge, parties and great memories. It’s all here!

Alan & Kelly 2014

A wonderful sex-positive event with very friendly and open people and no pressure.

W & S 2014

This is a great weekend getaway, comfortable, fun and fully immersed in the lifestyle.

M & L 2014

This is a well run, fun event, with an amazing sexy atmosphere. We will be returning for our 4th WLT.

T & S 2014

Come with no expectations and let it roll! It’s such a fun time and like no other event we’ve been to. Being able to enjoy your freedom in an entire hotel is incredibly liberating! Never looking at the front lobby in a hotel the same way again 😉

S & D 2014

Great event, well organized, lots of welcoming friendly open people to meet and play with.

Lianna 2014

You need to go, book early!

L & S 2014

Don’t think, just do

Andrew & Jocelyn 2014

Best organized swinging event, hands down

S 2014

Great People Great Fun Don’t miss it!!

D & E 2014

That you will love it. Just be yourself and be respectful.

Mark S. 2014

You’ll have a great time and meet lots of awesome people.

Kat 2014

Its a great event there is something for everyone

G & T 2014

You will not regret it.

B & N 2014

It’s a fun time!

E & L 2014

Yes! Go, so much fun!

J & A 2014

You have to try it

Tony 2014

Do it! You won’t regret it. I’d tell them about the parry floor so they can decide of they want to be in the action, or have more space…

C & B 2014

It is great and every year it gets better!

Coral & Tom 2014

Come and party and have a great time!

Jewels & Greg 2014


This being our first event, we didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous about checking in. The staff at the front desk were very efficient, polite and friendly. We had no idea about the kind of people we were about to meet. Everyone was very respectful, fun and just made us feel very welcome and comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub as we had lots of great conversations with plenty of laughs. These are fun loving people with great personalities. To meet so many good people in one place is rare. We learned a lot about ourselves over the weekend and it was a wonderful experience. This event brought us closer as a couple to which we are both grateful for. Thank you so much YingYing !!

T & G 2013

This was our first takeover, and it was a great, stress free, easy going atmosphere. Not seedy or dirty – just sexy! We LOVED the chill lounge, where everyone just sauntered in and chatted with everyone. We had a lot of really good conversations with great people!

K & S 2013

Same thing we have been saying since the first time we attended… this event is a ton of fun, lots of hot couples, great full take-over venue with 24/7 clothing optional hot tub and pool, fun spaces on the 4th floor, relaxing chill-room and free coffee on second floor, attentive and accommodating hotel staff, and a well managed event by Ying Ying and Jason!

T & S 2013

There aren’t too many if our friends into the lifestyle but those that are we would totally recommend it. The vibe and atmosphere was very chill and relaxing. Everyone was great.

M & S 2013

It’s a blast! As much fun as a LS cruise! Ying Ying and Jason did an amazing job! The Slutgardeners added a really fun vibe to the weekend. Whistler is gorgeous, and so are all of the hotties that attend. Fuck the Canadians… no seriously, fuck the Canadians, they’re hot!

Kim & Dave 2013

Super event, you can play/party as much or as little as you want – you can always retreat to your room if you need a break but my guess is that you won’t!

S & E 2013

As a first time attendee I would highly recommend going to this event. Great vibe, great people, even if you don’t play with anyone all weekend, it’s still a ton of fun!

Kelli & Mark 2013

A great experience in a beautiful place. A lot of hard work goes into making this weekend a great experience. Even without the day time events it’s an amazing group of people and having the run of the hotel and just experiencing Whistler is well worth the trip. The fact that it falls at the same time as cornucopia is a bonus

S & M 2013

My wife and I had a wonderful time at our first Whistler takeover. We felt welcome and safe the entire time. We met a lot of great and sexy people and had a blast. We’re in for next year.

R & T 2013

This event is awesome. The setting is breathtaking and the people are wonderful. Nothing compares to being able to be totally free in the hotel and run around like a kid at Christmas…minus clothes 🙂

Tammy 2013

Had a lovely time, met lots of great people in a friendly atmosphere.

Brendan & Ami 2013

Just go… it was a fun trip, and we really enjoyed having all of the time to meet and spend with people.

M & S 2013

Highly recommend! Its fun, safe and a great experience.

G & A 2013

I would tell my friends how much fun I had and what a great venue for the event

R 2013

Newbies should check it out to get a sense of all kinds of interests represented and the range of folks who attend.

K & B 2013

Ultimate take over event 🙂

S & S 2013

Great fun! Get room on 2nd/3rd floor if you want quiet, 4th if you want to party late. Meet people, go to party’s, check out the themed rooms, try new things…

Steven & Lisa 2013

Book yesterday or you will miss out lol

James & Cindy 2013

DON’T JUST THINK ABOUT IT DO IT!!!!! I am a fan whether involved as a volunteer / host or just there to party. I loved it last year so much so, enough in fact, to want to be a part of it on a let me host or teach or do something to help put it together and add to the fun, in some way. I am still so gassed, that I got to do just that, all hiccups aside and I say that, with high hopes of doing something even more fun next year. I can truly see both my hubs and I attending every year for many years to come…I am itching to pitch ideas and start planning for next year…I see a Golden Oldies Tribute to Grease Sock Hop in your future! Whose with me! 🙂

CJ & L 2013

It is a fantastic and playful getaway with like minded people.

B & R 2013

Bring lots of money for whistler! Have no expectations and just have fun. Also use the play rooms to play there was too much private guest room play going on. We found the rooms almost empty most of the time

R & S 2013

Nothing like it, great people, laughing and enjoying the entire weekend.

S & I 2013

Book the room and the classes on time 🙂

V & V 2013

Kick ass. The quality of people improved dramatically between the last two years and we’d expect it to do the same again.

Brad 2013

Fun, close lifestyle takeover event.

Johnny & Paula 2013

That they have to go. Non-negotiable.

J & K 2013

Prepare to party and enjoy a great lifestyle event.great friends great memories

P & E 2013

book early

K & S 2013



This weekend was amazing! As a complete newbie to the lifestyle, I was nervous about attending, but that was gone before the pudding shots came out at the meet and greet. So many wonderful, sexy accepting and welcoming people…so much naughty, sexy fun…so much positive energy…so many wonderful new experiences! I’d highly recommend this to anyone interested in the lifestyle, from rookies to the experienced. I think there was something for everyone.

D & S 2012

This is a weekend not to miss! The amount of work and planning that go into this on the organizers’ part is amazing. The whole weekend is so well thought out. It is a bargain with all the free workshops and events that you can attend. This was our 3rd year going up and the event has grown and evolved so much, can’t wait to see what next year brings.

S & M 2012

This was my first Whistler Lifestyle Takeover but most definitely not my last!!  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement in a beautiful setting. Counting the days ’til November 2013…Whistler, you’ve been warned 😉

Tammy & Brad 2012

We were unsure of what we were getting into as this was our first takeover weekend. We meet many great couples, enjoyed the evening parties and overall found ourselves gaining new confidence and comfort in the lifestyle.

L & M 2012

This was a great weekend, people from all walks of life coming together to share the beauty and openness that one can only find at a life style event.  Out hosts ere gracious, always around if one needed something, the hotel was great, and Whistler it’self was magical!

C & T 2012

The website and the newsletters accurately described this sexy weekend long event. We were not disappointed. We told many couples about the event and five other couples came because we directed them to your website.

T & S 2012

Definitely something to visit whether swinger or Vanilla. Well worth the trip. It gives you a great insight to how married couples can enjoy and express themselves in a free environment and shed their insecurities.

XXX Truth or Dare 2012

You set the bar for other takeovers – best event of the year in my opinion!

@ITLStaff 2012

Gotta go! Great people, fun days/nights, workshops and overall an awesome party! Won’t be disappointed…

T & S 2012

We had an excellent weekend. The hotel was great . It was private for our use. The fourth floor was a great sexy time. We will be there next year for sure!

K & P 2012

FUN! You can go at your own pace and can watch, play or even be the center of attention…

S & L 2012

It was a great three day party with lots of different people and great events set up for what-ever you wanted to attend. I think next year will be sold out so book soon.

F & V 2012

A really comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Fun people from all over, and SlutGarden is sure to please! This event makes Whistler as naughty as you’d always hoped it could be. 😉

J & M 2012

A fantastic weekend with great people. The full takeover of the hotel is definitely the way to go, it makes meeting people so much easier and you never have to switch back and forth between your vanilla self and your spicy self!

G & L 2012

It was a great three day party with lots of different people and great events set up for what-ever you wanted to attend. I think next year will be sold out so book soon.

S & T 2012

Did more mending of Canadian/US relations than the last winter Olympics!

L & S 2012

Best weekend we have had in a long time.

T & R 2012

Put it on your calendar as a must do for 2013!

K & S 2012

Don’t think about it ‘DO IT!’ You will be glad you came, [pardon the pun] What else would I say?

C & L 2012

Rest up before coming and prepare to enjoy great events and a unique mix of people!

B & Y 2012

Fantastic and open atmosphere of sexy people

S & M 2012

Come to party, come to enjoy other lifestyle positive people, come have fun

E & P 2012

Go for it, lots to do, in and outside the lifestyle

R & L 2012

It was great experience and everyone was very friendly

S 2012

It’s a must see and do event.

C & S 2012

Great way to meet new friends

B & B 2012



The Whistler Lifestyle Takeover weekend is a fantastic few days to spend away from your stressors in the company of like-minded friends. Reservations at some of the hottest night spots, seminars and daytime activities will keep you busy. Bring your friends and then make new ones! You won’t be disappointed.

W & K 2011

The Whistler Lifestyle Takeover weekend is definitely worth the time and money. A great way to meet fun and outgoing people. something for everyone no matter what your interests in the lifestyle are. A great weekend to party and get away from daily life.

T & R 2011

It would be the best mini vacation of the year, so much fun, and get to meet lots of new friends.

J & N 2011

Great time to get away..hotel cheap..great to get away bring up food/alcohol with you don’t need to eat out go sight seeing..therre food/wine seminars as don’t need to play either just go for ppl and atmosphere like we did….

Anonymous 2011

Rest up before coming as there wont be much time to sleep. There is so much to do you couldn’t possibly do it all!

Anonymous 2011

It was useful and very interesting in understanding the lifestyle and everyone was extremely pleasant, agreeable and respective.

Anonymous 2011

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