Lifestyle Bundle of Fun

Bring a Motorbunny and Make Any Event Your Own!

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What is Motorbunny?
Motorbunny is the most popular, most powerful saddle vibe available, and now there’s an exclusive bundle discount for lifestyle enthusiasts!
It vibrates, rotates, and comes with multiple attachments to give you a wide range of riding experiences. Motorbunny exists to enhance sexual creativity, and is the best way to warm up the crowd, meet new people, and turn up orgasms “all the way to 11” at the club, private parties or your own home.

What’s in the bundle?
The Motorbunny Lifestyle Bundle of Fun includes:

  • One Motorbunny Starter Kit

This includes everything that vanilla couples would need to hop on and enjoy, but this bundle is designed for more partners, more locations, and more’gasms!

  • The Motorbunny Mobility and Storage Case

Recently re-designed to be even sturdier, this case is the ideal accessory for staying organized and bouncing easily from party to party.

  • Three Premium 100% Silicone Attachments

Our three most popular silicone attachments are larger, more durable, and offer a wider range of experiences for different riders and their preferences. These include the “Lolli,” “My Friend Dick,” and the “Bunny Buddy.” (Motorbunny does not recommend sharing attachments without sanitization between riders.)

  • Two Fluid-resistant Saddle Covers

The Motorbunny is designed for heavy use, and all of the inevitable outcomes of a job well done.  But sometimes, new riders who are on the fence will hop on more readily when an immaculate cover is produced. These take less than a minute to pop on, generating more hop ons!

  • Extra Stiffening Rods and Springs

These give the famous Motorbunny “twirl” their “oomph,” and it never hurts to have extras on hand!

Is this the Ultimate Swingers Bundle?
We think so, but if there are other Motorbunny items you think would make this an even more versatile toolkit for a perfect night out, please let us know at!

How Does This Get To Me?
Since this is a physical product, it works a little differently.  You’ll receive an email confirmation of your order, but you’ll also receive an email from a Motorbunny Customer Advocate confirming your address, shipping details, etc. within 12 hours of ordering here. We know there are often specific events you’d like to use your Motorbunny at, and we want to make every effort to get it to you where, and when, you want it! When it arrives, the Motorbunny Starter Kit and all other items in the bundle arrive in boring, brown cardboard boxes, for FREE.

What If I Don’t Like It?
Unfortunately, purchases of the Lifestyle Bundle of Fun aren’t subject to returns or refunds. Of course, if there’s a manufacturing defect or something we screwed up, we’ll fix that, no problem. After all, your Motorbunny Starter Kit is covered under our…

Wait, you have a 5-Year Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee?
Yes, we do!

Got questions?
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to a Motorbunny Customer Advocate at

Have fun, and hop on!