After 9 years of hosting the successful and popular Whistler Lifestyle Takeover, we are expanding!

We have been looking at doing a takeover at a tropical sunny destination since 2014 and we launched our inaugural Tropical Lifestyle Takeover in 2017!

The Tropical Lifestyle Takeover is a week-long, all-inclusive, clothing-optional vacation in a sunny beach destination, where you can shake off the winter blues and soak in the sun by the pool or participate in fun workshops. There are always optional excursions available, plus you can add on the Pre-Takeover Package in the city for some sightseeing before the Takeover starts.

For 2019, we are going to Panama!

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We hope you can join us for our 3rd Annual Tropical Lifestyle Takeover – Panama Edition February 15 to 22, 2019!

Tropical Lifestyle Takeover Upcoming Dates

2019: February 15 to 22
2020: February 14 to 21 (TBC)
2021: February 12 to 19 (TBC)
2022: February (Dates TBC)
2023: February (Dates TBC)
2024: February (Dates TBC)